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  • A

    Franchised Dealership

    You have a group of clients with particular requirements

    If you are a professional intelligence light electricity service provider,
    and you have a group of clients with particular requirements,
    asking for novel products,
    like waterproof TV? TV in a mirror?
    or TV that can be watched in the kitchen.....

    RAYSGEM provides professional end customer customisation service with creativity to help you and your clients

  • B

    Project Partner

    You have a professional design and decoration team

    What’s best for your clients?
    A “magic mirror” in the hotel bathroom will take off all your fatigue from the journey.
    Crystal black wall with built-in display in your villa bathroom takes you to a brighter world.
    Your kitchen cabinet will teach you how to make a delicious meal.
    Maybe, all above are still not enough.....

    Creative all around.
    RAYSGEM mirror TV, waterproof TV with full fade-in design will bring you all the luxury you desire.

  • C

    Local exclusive agency

    You are a brilliant businessman

    Distinguish perspectives and sharp insight are your key to success,
    then putting a new product to the existing market is your way to extend your local business.
    You are a businessman with creativity, and you need an excellent product to bring to your market.

    RAYSGEM is looking for local exclusive agents everywhere to share the fortune in the future.

  • D

    Brand Strategic Partnership

    You have your own product line,

    Multi-media furniture? Intelligent kitchen solution?
    Or more creative bathroom.....
    You might want to bring more ideas and concepts into your product,
    And also you need more characteristic products to boost brand competitiveness.

    RAYSGEM is looking for co-brands to win this market over.

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