Waterproof TV

Excellent product for the elite and the few

Providing ¡°excellent products for the elite and the few¡± is the original thought of why we are making waterproof TVs. Think about it, after a long day¡¯s hard work when you are home or after an exhausting journey you are back in the hotel, beside the hot water to wash off the dust from the day, there¡¯s something missing. Is it the news update, popular sitcoms or the daily talk show? Living room TV doesn¡¯t seem to be enough at this moment, and now RAYSGEM waterproof TV make it all possible for your entertainment in the bathroom.

Perfect technology and extraordinary quality

Waterproof TV is the combination of RAYSGEM¡¯s 4 core technologies. The latest waterproof technology secures all waterproof TVs from all kinds of harsh environment. Every part of the TV is strictly tested for 90% humidity experiment. MPS display technology and light control combined together, makes the mirror, crystal black and SMART panels come with the best image display and fade-in/out effect. You can have a clear mirror and full-HD display with the same device.

Broad temperature range is a guarantee for stable performance. No matter it¡¯s wall mounted or built inside the wall, you won¡¯t have to worry about its heat output.

Multifunctional Features

Ultra-thin LED display with digital and analog TV tuner is the core part of a waterproof TV. It comes with multi-functional inputs and outputs to be more compatible with other devices. Now we have AV, HDMI, VGA, rear IR, RS232 and audio output, even RJ45 for you to choose. In conclusion, this waterproof TV model has everything you can think of ready for use.

Simple installation and perfect user experience

RAYSGEM waterproof TV covers all kinds of interior design. It can be installed in the bathroom, kitchen or any other watery environment with no concern of water or vapor intrusion. Waterproof remote control is also designed to be 100% waterproof for daily use. In the meantime, the slim design of the whole TV body is easy to be installed without too much modifications to the house. This model can fit in to almost anywhere without compromising the original interior design.

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